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Nestled in the heart of Arizona, The Coronado House is a classic Craftsman-style home that carries on a  rich history of hosting exclusive private events and unforgettable celebrations. This downtown show-stopper, built near the Phoenix Art Museum nearly 100 years ago, has housed a doctor and several businessmen over the decades but has truly earned its reputation as a premier venue for hosting magnificent grand parties and elegant gatherings, enticing those seeking a remarkable setting to create lasting memories.

Visionary real estate developer William G. Hart was the home’s first owner. Hart lovingly crafted the house for his wife and two children before he passed in 1936. His legacy lives on through the remarkable residence he left behind which has been passed down through the hands of several owners, evolving from a cherished family home to a bustling law office.


Over the years, The Coronado House has played host to countless gatherings. In June 1929, Donofrio hosted a picnic dinner at The Coronado House that created a captivating atmosphere. The courtyard was adorned with colorful lights, a stage, and a beautiful lily pod at the center. It became a highly anticipated event, with hundreds of guests making reservations to be part of this remarkable gathering.

While the house has undergone modern remodeling, seamlessly merging contemporary comforts with its rich heritage, the essence of its architectural legacy has been preserved. The grandeur of spacious high ceilings, adorned with wood beams, is complemented by the warmth of an inviting fireplace, a tastefully designed built-in bar and hardwood floors. The kitchen at The Coronado House has been fully updated to meet all your event's catering needs.

The Carter's

The Coronado House has been updated to start hosting events.  Your event will be hosted by the Carter Family.  The Carters, Eric and Darcy, are high school sweethearts that have lived in downtown Phoenix for 20 + years and are passionate about hosting personal events and concerts. Eric loves to set up taco stands in the front yard for home shows and has served up to 40 guests 3-course plated dinners at the Coronado House. Darcy worked at Stonebridge Manor, putting on 2-3 weddings a week; she then worked at the Hyatt for years doing VIP events!  Their three kids are sports fanatics (basketball, baseball, softball, football, track and field) so if they aren’t home entertaining you will probably find them at a sporting event.  They love to travel as a family and go on an annual trip to Mexico with extended family (but Darcy and Eric will probably travel more without kids) When you ask their kids their favorite restaurant, they don’t know because Eric makes everyone try all the spots in Phoenix so they rarely return to the same ones! Darcy is obsessed with Halloween and coerces the family into themed costumes every year. That’s the Carters and they are excited to host you at the Coronado house for your next event!


  • Bridal Suite

  • Grooms Suite

  • Indoor and outdoor venue space

  • Catering Kitchen

  • Built-in bar

  • Parking

  • Restrooms

  • and much more!

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